Boostin Performance 1,500+WHP Red Demon Spec Short Block(DSM/Evo)

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Subject to availability

**Customer must supply good, usable engine core with a good, usable block (6 & 7 bolt) and crank (6 bolt only).

**Pricing DOES NOT include the Front Case/Oil Pump. Pricing subject to change.

Our Boostin Performance Red Demon Spec Short Block has been designed for those venturing into the 1,500 WHP territory, and looking for a short block to fulfill those needs! This short block package has powered our shop car, the Red Demon, to numerous low 7-second 1/4 mile passes, the latest being a 7.37 E.T. and breaking the 200 MPH barrier in the quarter (Best MPH - 205)! This short block package has also propelled this car to an astonishing 213MPH in the 1/2 mile. This Red Demon Spec motor has lasted multiple race seasons at this power level (1300+ WHP on Mustang Dyno), so we can assure you that this motor has been put through extensive testing.

Our Red Demon Spec Short Block is a 2.0L Long Rod / High Revving Short Block Package. By improving the rod ratio, there is less side loading on the cylinder walls. The connecting rod also transfers power to the crankshaft at a more optimal angle, when compared to a standard 2.0L. The Aluminum rods come fitted with L19 rod bolts, and high compression gas ported pistons are attached via custom 1,500 HP wrist pins. We also machine the block to be used with our Boostin Performance 1/2" L19 Head Stud Kit (*Head Stud Kit sold separately).

This short block package comes fully filled, to reinforce the cylinder walls.

We also offer a custom copper head gasket option, which we highly recommend. The block and head are machined with the O-ring & Receiver Groove to offer the ultimate seal, when used with our copper head gasket. This option requires you to also send us your cylinder head for this service. **Please contact us for details regarding this option, as additional charges apply.**

For 6-bolt applications, a stock crank is used with a Kiggly Main Girdle.
For 7-bolt applications we use a Manley Billet Crank. There is an additional charge for this crankshaft, as it requires extra machining.

Please specify in the NOTES of your order what compression ratio you'd like, as compression ratio's are available between 9.0:1 - 10.5:1

**This packages does not include ANY shipping fees. Please contact us regarding shipping charges, as pricing will vary depending on location and if lift gate assistance is needed, etc.