Boostin Performance / KDN Performance H-Pattern Mitsubishi Staging Brake Add-On

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For those who already have our proven H-pattern Shifter Kit installed and are looking to add on a staging brake, this kit is for you!

KDN Performance staging brake assemblies provide a lightweight, high-leverage component for drift cars drag, and rally cars or any application where hand-actuation or one or more brake calipers is employed. Get your's today!

Staging Brake Add-On Kit includes:

-Wilwood Base

-Wilwood GS Compact Master Cylinder; .62" Bore

-Vehicle Specific Mounting Plate for Shifter & Staging Brake

-All Necessary Hardware to mount to base plate

***Sales are final. No refunds / exchanges as this is a special order item.***

You can order our complete H-pattern shifter kit HERE

Image #1: KDN Performance Staging Brake Assembly
Image #2: CNC Handle Option
Image #3: Powder Coated Handle Option
Image #4: Powder Coated & Milled Handle Option
Image #5: Staging Brake w/ H-Pattern Shifter & Base Plate (*Shifter not included)
Image #6: Handle Option Examples