Boostin Performance 1,500+WHP Red Demon Spec R&R Aluminum Connecting Rods (DSM/Evo)

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After much testing, we are proud to offer our Red Demon Spec Aluminum Connecting Rod upgrade to our customers building high horsepower setups! R & R Racing Products Aluminum Connecting Rods are CNC machined out of their proprietary aluminum alloys developed exclusively for R & R. All alloys are cold extruded under 2,000+ tons of pressure to ensure consistent grain flow and density. This yields the strongest and lightest rod possible with an exceptional fatigue life and reduced elongation.

As with all R & R Racing Products connecting rods, the material has been ultrasonically tested, bores are precision honed to standards, mating surfaces are standard or circle-loc™ serrated for super-strength and a perfect cap to rod alignment, and all corners are blended to eliminate stress risers.

These rods are designed for use with our Red Demon Spec Piston/Wrist Pin Combo and are a much stronger design than standard R&R aluminum connecting rods.

*Red Demon Spec R&R Aluminum Connecting Rods are designed for use with our Red Demon Spec Piston & Wrist Pin Combo, found Here

Boostin Performance Red Demon