Boostin Performance Fuel Rail (Evo 8/9)

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Add a little pop of color and customization to your engine bay, as well as additional fuel flow to the injectors. Available in Red or Black, our Boostin Performance Evo 8/9 Fuel Rails can bolt straight up to the stock Evo 8/9 fuel feed line and fuel pressure regulator (if needed) for a super easy and clean installation. Our BP Fuel Rail comes with an 1/8" NPT port for a fuel pressure gauge, and a plug if you elect not to install a gauge.

Additional fittings can also be included with your fuel rail order. We have -6 and -8 fuel rail end fittings available for after market fuel feed lines and fuel pressure regulator kits. Fitting options include one or two fuel rail fittings, (2) bolts and rubber O-ring.

*Note that -6 fitting is pictured.