Angry Aero - Bumper Shutters (Evo 8)

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Angry Aero products are designed to help reduce drag and rolling resistance on your Evo. The more aerodynamically stable your car is, the faster drag times will be at the track.

Angry Aero Carbon Fiber bumper shutters (Includes a set of 2). Recommended installation using rivets/backwashers (which are provided). Additional instructional information is also included with each order.

These Angry Aero bumper shutters can increased MPH trap speeds and stability in the 1/4 mile, and have been tested to withstand 213+mph speeds.

Also great for daily driving use and can be kept on the car year round, these shutters can withstand all weather conditions - sun, snow, rain.

**All Angry Aero products use real Gloss 2x2 twill carbon fiber -or- Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap; Select your preference in the drop down menu**