Kenne Bell Dual Boost-A-Pump (DSM / Evo 8/9/X / R35 GT-R)

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• Easily Installed. Simple “Single Wire” connection or Plug N Play (Fords only)

• Fused circuit protection (40 amps).

• Ideal for Nitrous applications.

• Attractive anodized red aluminum.

• 1000HP with OEM in tank production pumps.

• Available for single or dual pump (others must use 2 modules)
• Easily installed. Uses stock feed wire & fuel lines.• No expensive fuel lines, regulator and pump upgrades.

• Proven reliability and concept. Tens of thousands sold since 1995.

• Does not affect pump life. Actually increases life of returnless pumps.

• Exclusive built in regulator stabilizes voltage regardless of battery voltage (down to 11V).

• Increases fuel pump flow up to 75% on ANY electric pump(s). 100% for “Competition” 21V.

• Compensates for reduced voltage/pump delivery from voltage drops by lights and accessories.

• Activated by boost switch (supercharged, turbocharged) or vacuum switch (naturally aspirated).
• Used on all Kenne Bell Supercharger Kits (street & competition) and some of the “World’s Most Powerful Production Vehicles.”

• OK with 12V or 16V battery.

• Works with any pump (turbine or gerator).

• OK to mount under hood. All top quality hi-temp components.

• Full or part time operation (See Fuel Pump Tech).
• Easily upgraded from 17.5V – 21V with a “step up” plug.

• No computers, software, CD’s, complex programs, extra circuits, ramping up or down or re-tuning is necessary.