FuelTech Boost Controller

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Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
- 16x2 characters OLED display and buttons that allow programming directly on the unit. No computer needed

- Active boost control through wastegate pressure management

- Up to 6 stages of Boost and 1 launch stage

- For drag racing, circuit and street cars

- Dual Boost Ramp Control per Stage

- Burnout mode (fixed boost for burnout)

- 2 control solenoids included

Technical Description:

- Scramble and Reduceinputs to instantly boost increase or decrease pressure

- Pivot and final pressure per stage

- Boost line or CO2 reservoir compatible (for quick and precise control)

- 3 modes of adjustment:
- Time and pressure

- Time and Ramp

- Ramp and Pressure

- 3 internal memory files

- 87psi Integrated Pressure Sensor with 0,145psi resolution

- Security password

- CAN connection for firmware update*

- Can only be used with solenoids provided by FuelTech. May not work properly with other solenoids

- Dimensions: 140mm x 80mm x 30mm
- w/ 10ft blank harness

* FuelTech USB-CAN Converter needed – sold separately