Cover - Magnus Billet Transfer Case Cover (DSM)

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Are you tired of continuously breaking your transfer case? Or are you looking for the right part to create a bullet proof transfer case? Magnus Motorsports has developed the key to keeping your transfer case together,The DSM VR4 EVO 1-3 Billet Transfer case Bearing cover.

Over time Magnus discovered the majority of T-Case failure is not due to a weak gear but can be blamed on flex of the case and the original Cast Iron T-Case cover. The original Transfer case cover's weak cast iron is too fragile. Causing complete failure, spitting the transfer gears onto the track. Constructed from T6 6061 Alloy this Billet T-Case cover will help to keep the gear in position by eliminating flex and one of the weakest points of assembly. Using this in conjunction with an upgraded 300M output shaft has been the key to successfully keeping the transfer cases together after numerous quarter mile hits. This is cheap insurance to keeping your T-Case together whether you have a daily driver or a track monster.