Clutch Kit - Quarter Master 8-leg Triple Disc Clutch Kit (DSM)

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The new Quarter Master® clutch utilizes eight integral steel hardened legs to provide a much longer lifespan than one-piece aluminum covers where the floater and pressure plates have a tendency to wear into the drive legs.

The QM 8-leg design also reduces stress on drive legs by 25 percent and creates a stiffer cover and smoother range on the diaphragm spring motion.

A lower moment of inertia and gear drive friction design allow for quicker, smoother shifts.

In addition, the gear drive clutch hub is located on the friction pack to enable easier transmission installation, much smoother and quicker shifting, improved input shaft wear and increased hub strength.

This is the same clutch that we ran to achieve the 4-Cylinder AWD H-Pattern Manual Transmission quarter mile record of 7.46 @ 199.9 MPH in the Red Demon. The Red Demon also went 201.4 MPH in the quarter to achieve the 4-Cylinder AWD MPH record!

*All clutch kits include the clutch unit, pressure plate, floater plate, disc pacs, flywheel, Gear Drive Hubs, and bolt kit.

Photo is representative; not actual product. This is for a triple disc clutch.