Hochman Fabrication & Speed Scatter Shield (2G DSM)

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Do you have a high HP 2G DSM that’s having trouble passing tech inspection because the NHRA requires a scatter shield for any car running 11.49 and quicker, but no one seems to make them unless they are a one-off custom piece? Worry no more, Hochman Fabrication and Speed has you covered!

DISCLAIMER: Neither the seller nor the manufacturer of this product guarantees it will protect you from any sort of damage to yourself, others, or any property. We make no other warranties as to the effectiveness of this product.

WARNING: Racing is extremely dangerous, and injury, or death may occur. Use this and all high- performance automotive products at your own risk

-(1995-1999) Talon, Eclipse, and Laser (AWD & FWD models w/ manual transmission)
-*Also fits cars with 6-bolt engine swaps (may require slight trimming or use of washers for clearance)
-For the guys running filled blocks and removed the water pipe, I can also make them without the cutout that is normally needed there. This looks better for some people. (See pictures for reference)

Each Hochman Fabrication and Speed Scatter Shield is hand crafted out of 1/4" thick 304 stainless steel with high-quality tig welding right here in the USA, and comes with a gloss black powder coat finish!