Boostin Performance CNC Ported Stage 3 Cylinder Heads (R35 GT-R)

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**Customer must supply good, usable cylinder heads for cores.

Our Boostin Performance R35 GT-R Stage 3 Cylinder Heads are designed to facilitate big power! Both intake and exhaust runners are CNC ported and smoothed out for maximum flow. In addition, CNC recontouring of the combustion chamber further reduces unwanted turbulence - retaining optimal fuel atomization leading into the cylinder. Overall, this CNC program ensures the very best results are achieved from the Nissan OEM cylinder head design. It is a proven formula that has been tested to over 2500HP and can be found on some of the world's quickest and fastest GT-Rs!

Only the highest quality components are fitted into our cylinder heads. New 1mm Oversized Valves are installed along with a new set of Valve Seals, Titanium Retainers, Upgraded Valve Springs and a new set of Kelford Cams. Each valve is then lashed separately and Custom Buckets are fitted.

This is the same cylinder head package we run in our record-setting 2022 GT-R World Cup Champion GT-R that has gone 6.96@208.3mph!

Our R35 GT-R Stage 3 Cylinder Head Package comes fully assembled and ready for install!

Cylinder Head Package Includes:

  • Kelford Cams specific to your build (full set of 4 cams)
  • Valve Springs
  • Intake Valves (+1mm over)
  • Exhaust Valves (+1mm over)
  • Intake Retainers
  • Exhaust Retainers
  • Machining included in this cylinder head package: CNC Porting, 3 Angle Valve Job, Decking Heads, Valve Lash Set, and full assembly of cylinder heads, ready to install.

**This packages does not include ANY shipping fees. Please contact us regarding shipping charges, as pricing will vary depending on location and if lift gate assistance is needed, etc